Sunrise Golf Course location information:

Address: No.256, Yangsheng Rd., Yangmei City, Taoyuan County 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886 3 4780188


Map Details:

No.1 National Highway -> exit at Yang Mei interchange junction (towards Yang Mei) -> Tien Chun Hospital (Turn left at the traffic light on Huandong Rd.) -> straight pass through CPT -> turn left at the intersection of Huandong Rd. and Xiaoqian Rd. (first 7-ELEVEN) -> pass through freeway overpass -> turn right on Xiaoqian Rd. after seeing another 7-Eleven -> pass by Yang Mei administrative campus (on the left) -> go straight for 1 min -> turn left uphill -> arrive at Sunrise



By Car:

Yang Mei World Trade Center Parking Lot (approximately 600 parking space) -> No.1 National Highway, exit at Yang Mei exit. The parking lot is across the Ten-Chen Hospital.


Shuttle bus:


Information for taking the shuttle bus:

1. You should take the bus by your ticket, and the bus driver will drive you directly to the golf course.

2. Priority/Student ticket holders have to provide valid identification, or you need to make up for the ticket. There is a

    ticket station at the P4 parking lot.

3. If you want to take shuttle bus at Yang Mei Train Station and Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station, you have to

    purchase the ticket at the convenient store or on Era Ticketing website before taking the bus.

4. It will be crowded at the weekend, please come earlier to avoid traffic jam.