1) Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship 2011 Ticket pricing table:

• Era Ticket starts selling on July 12 th , 2011

• Please click on the website for more information: http://www.ticket.com.tw/

• For Senior/Student ticket holders: please provide valid identification at the entrance, anyone who violates the rule
  will need to pay the original price.

• For kids who are under 120cm can enter the venue for free with parents, but cannot enter the game zone, they are
  only allow to enter the interactive areas and food courts.

• Please do not take photos, bring food and drinks or pets, keep your cell phone on silent all time and also please
  maintain the etiquette of golf.


2) Sunrise LPGA Taiwan High Speed Rail Package

• High Speed Rail tickets must be purchased with LPGA tickets in order to receive the discounted price. (either the
  original stop or the destination stop needs to be Taoyuan Station)

• For more information please go to 7-ELEVEN ibon website: http://www.ibon.com.tw/#

• The High Speed Rail Package is only selling through 7-ELEVEN ibon, the price stays the same starting from July
  20th to the actual event.

• One package contains one game day ticket and two High Speed Railway tickets, High Speed Railway tickets can
  be used during October 19th to 25th.


3) Site location and purchase process:

Ticket station is at the Yang Mei World Trade Center parking lot (P4). All on-site tickets are sold as the original price during four days of the tournament. Members of Taiwan Cooperative Bank or Mega Financial Holding can purchase the tickets with credit card and get 10% off from the original price.


4) On site Notice:

1. People who take a general ticket cannot enter the clubhouse

2. During the tournament period, the game starts at 7:00 in every morning, and the course will be open at 6:30 in the

3. Staffs will examine the date shown on the ticket when you enter the course. Please do not break the admission
     ticket, or you cannot to enter the course.

4. People in the course can ask staff to stamp on the back of their hand at the exit, and they can re-enter the course
     by showing the stamp.

5. In order to keep on site order and safety and ensure the quality of the tournament, please do not bring your pets
     and any other items deemed unlawful or dangerous to the course.

6. It is forbad photographing, eating and drinking, and smoking. Please keep your mobile phone in mute and
     follow the rules of the golf course.

7. It is forbad giving away flyers and promoting any business, politics, or religions.

8. In order to keep the right for other spectators, to those people who misbehave and do not accept the
     exhortation, the operator will have the right to ask them to leave the course.

9. During the tournament period, any accident or property loss is not undertaken by the operator of the tournament
     and the golf course, please take care of the condition of your own body and mind your safety.

10. Grandstands are located at the 1st and 10th teeing ground and the Green of the 18th hole. Please use the
       facilities appropriately and give seats to elderly, infirm spectators, women with childern.

11. There is no parking spots for general spectators at the course parking lot. If you drive to the course, please park
       your car at P4 parking lot and take the free shuttle bus by your ticket.

12. The operator will have the shuttle bus at High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station, Taiwan Railway Yangmei Station,
       and P4 public parking lot. The shuttle bus to the golf course will start at 6:00 in the morning and the last bus will
       leave at 13:00. The shuttle bus from the golf course will start at 06:30 and the last bus will leave at 18:00.

13. The tournament is cancelled by the unconquerable accidents; the organizer keeps the rights of revising,
       suspending, or terminating the event without notice. All information is in accordance with the website.
       The rights of ultimate interpretation and modification are belong to the operator.